Topcon PS Robotic
Advanced Design with Superior Technology The PS is a professional grade robotic total station. This new advanced design provides an onboard data collection interface, exclusive LongLink™ communication, and an incredibly powerful EDM. You can work directly on the bright, color touchscreen or with the alpha-numeric keyboard, to achieve higher levels of production with MAGNET™ Field onboard software. The PS total station can be used on a wide variety of applications. From building layout to earthwork volumes, and land surveying or control of your machines on site, the PS is the productive choice. Topcon’s PS Series of robotic total stations is for the professional who is looking for a one-man solution for even the most challenging job site situation. This rugged, waterproof and dustproof total station series has the revolutionary TSshield™ advanced security and maintenance system, exclusive LongLink™ communications module, and the RC-5 integrated remote system. Features: New TSshield™ Advanced Security and Maintenance PowerTrac™ Tracking Fast and Powerful EDM Exclusive LongLink™ Communications Advanced Angle Accuracy Rugged, Waterproof and Dustproof Design
Models: PS 1” PS 3”
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