For basic, static control point surveying or kinematic data collection, Topcon's HiPer®-L1 GPS receiver and Topcon Tools post processing software offer the right combination of affordability and technology. The HiPer®-L1 system incorporates a GPS receiver, lithium-ion batteries and a precision antenna into one compact unit that is the perfect entry-level GPS system configuration. HiPer®-L1 features: * Compact, lightweight design * Fully integrated receiver/antenna * Single frequency static GPS solution * Upgradeable to GPS+ RTK capability * Up to 128Mb of memory * Affordable entry-level system Unlike other static GPS systems, the Topcon HiPer®-L1 is easily upgradeable to full time dual frequency L1+L2 or GPS+GLONASS with a simple computer code that you can load yourself. Should you decide to go to full RTK, you can also upgrade the HiPer-L1 with an internal PDL radio. Or, if you choose not to upgrade from the standard single frequency, you can still take advantage of the Topcon Cinderella feature. This feature unlocks full dual frequency receiver capability on the system every other Tuesday and, best of all, it is standard on all of our systems at no additional cost and completely transparent to the operator.
Topcon HiPer L1
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