Benefits of a Reference Station Network * Eliminate the need for local base stations * Only GPS rover receivers are needed * Less initial GPS expense * No surveyor required to “watch” the base station * Consistent known datum and coordinate system. * Avoids common errors on temporary base stations: Operator sets up on wrong station Wrong coordinates for base are entered into data recorder Wrong height of antenna measurement Wrong antenna type picked during processing Antenna not plumb over point Subject to tripod movement or disturbance (wind, bumped, etc.) Subject to interference with GPS signal (trucks passing, etc.) * Distance dependent errors modeled better * Better accuracy of solution * Longer distance RTK range possible - 60 Km spacing of base stations RTK Networks are becoming increasingly popular for many reasons, but in today's market probably the most beneficial are the cost and the ability to survey on the fly with one man. Topcon offers several solutions for Network RTK surveying. There are options for satellite tracking (GPS or GPS+Glonass) cell modem (CDMA or GSM) access as well as memory and tracking options. Combine this state-of-the-art hardware with TopSurv controller software and you have a full network RTK survey solution. Contact us today for an on-site demonstration. 1-800-527-3721
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