Measuring Wheels
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stock# description MM12 4 inch single wheel (feet/inches) MM12T 4 inch single wheel (feet/10ths) MM12M 4 inch single wheel (metric) MM12TWIN 4 inch dual wheel (feet/inches) MM12TWINT 4 inch dual wheel (feet/10ths) MM12TWINM 4 inch dual wheel (metric) MM30 11 1/4 inch wheel (feet/inches) MM30M 11 1/4 inch wheel (metric) MM300 11 1/4 inch wheel (feet) MM300Y 11 1/4 inch wheel (yards) MM300M 11 1/4 inch wheel (metric) 400 15 1/2 inch wheel (feet) 400D 15 1/2 inch wheel (dual counters) 400M 15 1/2 inch wheel (metric) 400MD 15 1/2 inch wheel (metric/dual counters) 415 15 1/2 inch wheel (feet) 415D 15 1/2 inch wheel (dual counters) 415M 15 1/2 inch wheel (metric) 415MD 15 1/2 inch wheel (metric/dual counters) MP-301 11 1/2 inch wheel (feet) MP-401 15 1/2 inch wheel (feet) MP-401E 15 1/2 inch wheel (electronic display)
MM-12 4” wheel PRIMARY USES: Home/Interior Dimesions Acident/Crime Scenes Appraisals Indoor Construction
MM-12 TWIN 4” wheel PRIMARY USES: Real Estate Carpet Estimating Roofing Law Enforcement Landscaping
MM-30 11.25” wheel PRIMARY USES: Real Estate/Appraisal Paved Roadways Law Enforcement Yard Measurement Light Construction Fencing
Model 300 11.25” wheel PRIMARY USES: Real Estate/Land Appraisal Paved/Dirt Roads Municipalities Landscaping Construction Irrigation Fencing
Model 400/415 15.5” wheel PRIMARY USES: Heavy Construction Paved/Unpaved/Gravel/Dirt Roads Utility Installation Lumber Centers Street Opening Surveys Large Commercial
Keson MP-301 Keson MP-401 Professional Series measuring wheel
Keson MP-401E Professional Electronic measuring wheel
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