Featuring Topcon’s world’s first ultra-visible GreenBeam® technology, the new RL-VH4G is a professional interior laser thats right for all job and all budgets. Fast, dependable, durable, accurate, visible…4 times more visible! And with our exclusive SmartScan® technology, you can quickly and easily draw a laser light on any surface, to any length you need, for as long as you need it. It’s another world’s first from Topcon!     * Ultra-visible GreenBeam® - 4 times more visible!     * Exclusive SmartScan® easily delivers ultimate control and visibility where you need it!     * Built-in fl oor mount and simultaneous 90e beam makes easy work of vertical layout.     * Removable laser guard delivers full 360e laser sweep with no pillar “gaps”.     * Omni-directional RC-30 radio remote control is included...range up to 300’.     * Topcon quality and features at an economical price!       
Topcon RL-VH4G
MODEL RL-VH4DR BEAM POWER Visible laser:532nm green RANGE (radius) 300m ACCURACY ±20″ POWER 4 "C" cell batteries  27 hours SENSOR LS-80A VERTICAL BEAM yes REMOTE CONTROL yes RC-30
Scan targets
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