Topcon TP-L5 series
Combine features and technology that have proven to meet the demands of contractors, and you’ll have a laser that more to the table than any other alignment laser on the market. Whether it's in the trenches, over-the-top, or for laser guidance in mining and tunneling, Topcon is the industry standard. Choose a super- bright red or high-visibility green beam. Ultra-visible GreenBeam® technology Most accurate grade and leveling SmartLine® auto-alignment system Toughest cast aluminium housing Built-in vertical plumb beam There’s a TP-L5 just right for you... No matter what type of pipe work you do, Topcon has a TP-L5 just right for your job and your budget. TP-L5GV - GreenBeam® with laser plumb TP-L5AV - Red beam with laser plumb TP-L5G - GreenBeam® with LED plumb TP-L5BG - Economy GreenBeam® with LED plumb TP-L5B - Economy red beam with LED plumb SmartLine® (TP-L5GV/AV/G) Accelerate production by making setup and alignment automatic. Patented scanning technology allows the industry’s only fast, accurate one-person automatic alignment feature: the SmartLine®.
The TP-L5 Package Includes: 6”, 8”, 10”, 12” leg sets •6” to 18” adjustable targets •Single pointed foot •RC-200 remote control •Battery and charger •Carry case
Universal Pipe Target
Bright easy to read LCD display
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