Laser Reference AS2
MODEL AS-2 AS-2MAGNUM RANGE 2000 ft. diameter 3300 ft. diameter ACCURACY .08' at 100 ft. .06' at 100 ft. POWER 4 "C" cell 4 "C" cell SELF LEVELING Servo motor, 4 degree range BATTERY LIFE 115 Hours 70 Hours SLOPE CAPABILITY 0 to 25% 0 to 25% ROTATION SPEED 600 RPM 600, 900, 1200 RPM ENVIRONMENTAL IP56 IP56 WARRANTY 36 Months 36 Months LASER CLASS CDRH: class 2, IEC:3RCDRH: class IIIa, IEC:3R
No other company builds slope lasers that match the accuracy, performance and valus of the AS2 models. Those who try don't even come close. Both AS2 lasers maintain high accuracy throughout the slope range. Other products can become terribly inaccurate as soon as slope is entered. There are pretenders out there that can't even self-level when slope is entered. Don't pay more and get less. When you compare performance and price, the AS2 and Magnum become the obvious choices. • One button servo self-leveling • Extreme range covers the biggest job sites • High performance, high accuracy • Long battery life
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Global View of as2 and concerning slope
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